Wednesday, March 23, 2016


assalam :)

well on the last post I was like very excited to post a new entry but then, again, tak rajin. Lulz dan akhirnya semester break pun dah habis and now dah week 5 of 14 dah pun. Tbh I dont even know what topic should this entry be but i guess im just gonna share the photos of me and my friends during our mobility program last semester. heee

seriously that mobility program was beyond amazing, ktorang still rasa macam dekat sana lagi sampai sekarang kah3 hiperbola sangat. The surrounding was different and I love to be there, kalau nak ballik dari hometown pun tak rasa macam terbeban sangat. kalau nak balik sini lah perasaan dia macam tak best. Entah tak reti nak describe in details. Seronok je la kut. Dahlah.

Bye Perlis,

We're missing you right now.


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